For more information from around the world of Azeroth please drop by some of the other people below for a further insight into their Journeys.

- One of my favorite streamers and has been a fantastic mentor through out the communities gold making ventures from 2008. Hobbs is an incredible person to watch and he does his best efforts to make his twitch watchers feel welcome and always a great place to relax with a brew and chat to fellow folk. Give him a watch, he cares about his followers and is extremely entertaining too! /paladinGOD

- A blog based on the Brew-master specialization filled with guides, tips and tricks as well as an incredible set of weak auras to help out any new tank.

- A Bi-weekly Podcast for the monk community within the world of Warcraft. New to monks? looking for tips on specific boss encounters? maybe just want to listen in to the good folks of the podcast? This is the go to stop for you!

- A world Of Warcraft podcast with a unique twist. The guys at TTT release a weekly podcast about their mishaps and quests in Azeroth but also answer and speak on some of the listeners questions sent in to them. A truly loved Podcast within the WoW community and a great listen! Watch out for Rem's incredible food tasting reactions!

- Our much loved Co-host of the Monk podcast gives an insight in to his healing guidance and with great tips along the way, will help you healers get on top of your game. A great read for new and veteran Mistweavers alike.

- The go to stop for the monk community within Azeroth. This website is filled with great information from other players on each individual spec of the monk. The idea behind this website is to create a place for monks to drop by and feel welcomed. I love it, I'm sure others will too!

- Want another great read from another monk? Then drop by the Brewmistres! A great source for new inspiring information from another player within Azeroth. Is transmogrify your thing? leave your thoughts on this blog and share your creations!

- World of Warcrafts first E mag! I'm going to be a regular writer for each issue and you can too! From gold making guides, pvp guides and my random stories! Download your issue today!

- Drop by this chaps blog for another great view of the classes within world of Warcraft. With a casual feel and new to the blogging world, he has created a great stepping stone for himself. if looking for information on other classes and transmogs are your thing, then drop by!

- One of my favorite Windwalkers and was actually the co host to our Brewmaster round table on monk Meditation, I love his work on his blog and I'm sure you guys till too. Send him your support and be sure to expect great content and his very own live stream, find it here. Much love!


- Check out this guys great work on his YouTube channel. I first found his videos when I saw a guardian druid guide for WoD Beta/Alpha and have enjoyed his other work too.

- This is my girlfriends blog! It's a personal lifestyle blog featuring posts on beauty & life updates. She has done video editing and blogs over the years and I have loved all of her work, obviously! So if you're interested in this style of blogging or know someone who is then please do give it a read! You will love it I'm sure.

I'm always on the look for new aspiring bloggers, podcasters to feature on my blog, want to know how? Check out my Contact page in ways to get  hold of me. - Vaylen.

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