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Restoration Shaman | Playthrough | 20 - 30

Happy weekend everybody! Hope you're all enjoying the few days off work we get! I work within the retail sector so getting the weekend off is actually a rare thing, but as I have two and a half weeks off work, I hope to get this Shaman level 90 before I go back! So now time for an update! 

So picking up where I left off from the last post, Once I got to level 20 and ran a few Shadowfang keeps I was able to dabble in Scarlet halls and Blackfathom deeps. Scarlet a really great instance and was remade really well. I do miss the old Scarlet instances, but the new ones make a nice addition to the low level dungeons.

A little background on these instances:

Shadowfang Keep - This haunted keep sits right above the borderline to Gilneas overlooking a small village called Pyrewood inhabited by wolves and other evil animals. It's home to a demented and cursed Vincent Godfrey, A traitor to his homeland and forsaken. This instance is the residence of a whole range of undead, and you wont find much trace of the old inhabitant anywhere in the dark and twisted halls.

Blackfathom Deeps - A incredible dungeon, one of the few underwater instances that drags you through many daunting caverns and leaking pathways that open on to ancient architecture which is probably nightelf origin, that is now over run with the twilight cult who are also joined by a mix of creatures and Naga to defend their holy demi god, Aku'Mai, a huge dragon like Hydra. This instance is a difficult one to find, but once the Temple is found to the far west of ashenvale along the coats line, it can be found after a short underground swim, So if you wish to find the entrance, don't forget your flippers and a waterproof map.

Scarlet Halls - This dungeon is located with its other counterparts in Tirisfal glades, slightly north of Undercity. This instance was re worked and now is home to what seem to be crazed Zealots and crusaders, defending their keeps from what was only Undead nightmares to pretty much anything living. The Scarlet crusade have a history of doing so, with anything that is attempting to disrupt their holy ground is an enemy. This particular instance is home to a Houndmaster, Armsmaster and a Wizard by the name of Koegler, Don't stand in the fire!

In this section I will go over my new spells/talents of choice and glyphs

I finally have a selection of new heals to use! It was a great upbeat change to the first few levels and it seemed very basic in which heals to use and with the addition to some of the glyphs I have taken its making this a lot more interesting! heres a list of the useful spells i have gained in my adventures through the dungeons.


Earth shield - Our go to ability I use on the tanks. This beauty places a shield on our target of choice to increase our healing output on that target by 20% and also causing attacks to the target to heal them for a certain amount. This spell has 9 charges so maintaining it is one of our top priorities.

Earth living weapon - finally our main healing weapon imbue, this is so much better than the flametongue for healers as it increases our healing power and has a 20% chance to trigger a heal over time spell for 15 seconds, the cool this about this spell though is that if you heal a target thats below 35% health, the weapon effect automatically triggers, a real life saver.

Healing stream totem - Our first real healing totem, this has a 30 second cooldown but once placed it will heal the most injured player within 40 yards every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. Great I found for when the group is taking damage. I will use this on cooldown.


Level 15 talent:

I went with Astral Shift, this ability i found is great for when we're taking unexpected damage and will be even more stronger when we know when to use our damage reduction abilities. This spell reduces damage by 40% for 6 seconds and has a 1.5 minute cooldown, a great spell and the go to choice for me.

Level 30 Talent: 

In this section which seems to give use more utility with totems I went with Earthgrab totem. This Talent replaces our earthbind totem which makes our totem now act as a root instead of a snare. I thought this would be great for kiting mobs away from myself and getting some real distance on some unexpected pulls.


Upon reaching level 25 glyphs are unlocked, these effect how some of your spells work and of course, its up to you how you go about using the ones that most suit you, so here are the two I have chosen. Two more slots unlock at 50, the remaining two at 75. These are split up in to Major and Minor, of course, Majors being the ones that affect spells that are beneficial to raiding.

Glyph of Riptide - This removes the cooldown from out instant cast hot but reduces its initial heal direct heal by 75%. The reason I went for this is because the way I plan on using chain heal effectively in 10 man raiding. Having as many riptides out on the raid as a blanket heal as possible will cause the chain heals to be 25% more potent. With the changes to Chain heal which I have seen, this could be a great way to keep solid raid heals out and an easier way to maintain riptide, Something I will have to practise.

Glyph of Flaming Serpents - this remodels our Searing totem to look like a troll totem used by Vol'jin and gives it a cool fire snake type effect as seen below.

So there you have it! A little insight in to my travels and some new heals to learn and master. Stayed tuned for the next big jump to 40! and as always, stand out of the fire but jump in the rain! - Vay. 

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