Saturday, 28 December 2013

Diary Entry Two: A New Dawn (Short story)

Time: 1 hour before Sunrise

Name: Vaylen
Location: Zangarmarsh

A fine day it be, though last nights sleep was a unsettled one, the morning light and warmth of the sun makes every waking moment so precious, why cant every moment be like this. I had nightmares again, but these were far more vivid. I has being held captive, in a cage bound by magics I have never seen, hues of black and red bound the cage to the floor. The shackles, not to cause pain, but agony. A creature with goat like features stood by me, spitting and yelling abuse in their native tongue. He looked at me while clutching the cage and spoke with a devilish grin in the best known language he could "Your world is one of many we have consumed while looking for our prize, now you will watch your world burn and others will follow, Hail the legion!" A roar struck the sky, and an army screamed in what can only be described as pure.. Bloodlust, Stamping their feet on the ground causing it to shake like the world was being pulled apart itself, The crash of weapons being slammed against the metal armored breast plates and the screech of machines being pulled by demonic creatures... were was I? If the world was dying, then why the hell am I being kept alive?

 It was that moment I awoke from that nightmare.. A cold sweat across my brow and a deep sense of worry filled the pit of my stomach was the first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes. I had set up camp in one of the rock formations close to Sporewind Lake, it was warm there at night. The rocks formed a well insulated place to form a camp as the beating sun from the day before kept the rocks warm for most of the night. The temperature dropped here drastically during the night, so the rocks prevented any heating being lost. We Trolls are no fan of cold weather, we work better and think more clearly in humidity. 
The view in the morning was beautiful, with the sun slowly rising towards the hilltops and huge plant life and the dew still abundant within the lush grass here, the creatures of this land were already out feeding. Hydras and spore bats were the most common here as they made their way to the waters edge with their young-lings. This is what I want to wake up to every morning, not the worry, the thought of what these dreams mean and the ever changing atmosphere always reminding me that my dreams and reality are becoming far to similar. 

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