Saturday, 27 July 2013

Loot cards everywhere!

Morning all! So this morning I finished Opening my box of Reign Of Fire TCG cards. The final installment of the Timewalkers set and the invasion of the burning legion. I'm going to be setting up some competitions weekly such as Transmog, screenshot treasure hunts and so much more and hopefully give some lucky readers a chance to win an ingame item! Codes will be emailed to the winners by myself that will have the specific card details.


White Wooly Rhino is an in game mount worth around £100 - £130.
Thunderhead Hippogryph is an in game pet/battle pet worth £35 - £50
Sand Scarab is another ingame pet worth £4
Landro's Lil XT is another In game pet worth around £7 - £10
Landro's gift is a container that holds any of the WoW tcg mounts including the Spectral Tiger.
Landro's Longshot is an ingame tabard called Tabard Of The Flame worth £10.

These prices are the current selling prices for these cards on Ebay. Of course prices change but these are the ones that have sold within the last two months.

Happy looting!

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