Saturday, 27 July 2013

Explorers Diary #1

This is my first Entry to the Explorers Diary, I will focus on zones that bring back great memories from when I first started playing from each continent in Azeroth, Including events I experienced, Pvp, Questing, Dungeons and the most memorable Raids in my seven years of playing World Of Warcraft. 

Eastern Kingdoms - Stranglethorn Vale (STV)
Stv! One of my first places I ever really experienced World PVP to the fullest Potential. Being part of a huge PVP server when I first played this game I was lucky enough to see so much carnage in this zone! When ever you logged on, Or started your quests here at the small camp to the North, just below the rebel camp, there was pvp from the get go. Now it seems to have become somewhat remote as you can bypass this zone while questing, but this really held a lot of great moments and you will still find the odd Brawls in the Gurubashi Arena to the South.

Kalimdor - Winterspring
 Aww! The beautiful Winterpsring, I loved this place the moment I got out of that hell hole thats known as Felwood. The questing here was amazing, and with the long grinds to level back in Vanilla, I used to farm the undead that patrol the Lake Kel 'Theril ruins for Icy weapon enchantments. This place had everything, Yetis, Tigers, Bears and the odd Orc and Troll to hunt down, this place really did feel like an endgame zone.

Outland - Zangarmarsh
Once I finally got through the Dark Portal a few nights after the launch of The Burning Crusade which felt like such a huge achievement, I fought my way through the Fel Orcs of Hellfire and the twisted and demonic creatures that lay waste there, I found a new love for what I saw before me leaving this place.. Zangar. Blizzard did an amazing job on the new TBC content and Zangarmarsh in my mind was the most well thought of, and so out the box, It won the hearts of many. I really did enjoy the questing here, as well as having access to the legendary Shattrath City.

Northrend - Grizzly Hills
This one was a tough one to consider because after reading the Rise Of The Lich King book, I adored the Lore and feel to Icecrown, but the sheer Beauty and diversity in Grizzly Hills made it again, my favorite place within the cold rolling hills and jagged peaks of Northrend. I did not experience much PVP here as I would of liked but the questing and style of the place, from its Music to the ambiance, made this place amazing. 

Pandaria - Jade Forest
Finally we come to a close in this Diary Entry of the Explorer, many places through outland and Azeroth have been incredible, some of which I have not mentioned, but simply because the old zones, to new players will all be a great gaming experience, Just like, the feel of something new, something uncharted to ones eye. Jade Forest had this impression on me more than any other zone in Pandaria. Its flowing rivers, peaks beyond the mists and introduction to many new unknown races, this place pulled out all the stops. I think this zone was worked on so much, a lot of the other zones just look reskinned from previous expansions. But I will never forget, that moment of flying a beat down 'copter with all guns blazing to finally descend onto uncharted territory for the first time... In a long time.

So these are my favorite zones within the continents of Azeroth, What was yours?

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