Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fighting Through The Downfall (normal)

Hello everyone! One of todays posts will be my little view and guide to healing Blackfuse and the paragons! I have finally caught up with progression on my slightly under geared shaman and now on 13/14 Normal kills and instead of going over bosses as I have explained before hand, (flex mode), I thought I would go over two of the three bosses of the last wing.. Why not Include Garrosh? I am raiding that beast a full duration tonight, lets hope for a kill! GO TEAM EQ! Let's dive in too see what I have learnt over the course of these encounters. 

Siegecrafter Blackfuse - In my opinion, this is one of the most crazy encounters in terms of healing output, There is so much to look out for and you need so much personal awareness to deal with most of the mechanics, this will cause a lot of random spiky raid damage going out. First thing to be aware of is the saw blades, they hit for around 200k, which is a fair amount of damage out right, so group them together and move accordingly. This is a great time to blanket some riptides and drop your healing stream totem and just push out some chain heals. You then have to deal with the bombs that explode periodically and eventually cover the room, they have a huge initial damage and you will also receive fall damage too, so what I did when things got a little though was maybe save a Healing tide during these moments (if group is somewhat close together) This can be rather hard due to the next thing to be aware of. You will be fixated by bombs that will chase you at some speed, these can be slowed so use frost shock to help out, and Earth-bind/capacitor totem in the middle of the room. You will also have to deal with a considerable amount of Off tank damage as well when picking up some of the adds do be aware of that. This encounter really does display how well shamans have come along during this expansion and we're able to help out a hell of alot in this encounter, I for one, Love it.

Healing output through out the Blackfuse encounter.
This is just an indication of the healing power we can produce. Im currently in like 524 gear while the monk was considerably higher. Push your spread healing and watch the numbers fly. 

Paragons of the Klaxxi - Another great fight for shamans. With the fact that the tanks won't really need to move that much, You can keep a really strong coverage of healing rains back to back. Also make use of chain heal here as a lot of the time, the group will remain some what stacked together unless of course you have to spread from the connected beams. But with mechanics like stacking to eat an Aim and such there really not as much to do or watch out for unlike the previous encounter. Use healing stream totem on cooldown and your larger cooldowns efficiently. There is a ton of mechanics to this fight to be aware of as other rolls like tank and DPS, I went in to this encounter only knowing what I had to do as a healer and we one shot it. So just focus on what you need to do and reap the rewards. It's very predictable unlike Blackfuse so you can sort of save cooldowns for specific moments in the encounter.

Below shows a Restoration Shaman POV on this encounter and what to expect.

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