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My favorite Dungeon From Each Expansion

Greetings everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Today's post is once again a little trip down good ol' memory lane. I thought with a follow on from my last few posts I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on some of my favorite dungeons in each expansion. As the game evolves and more and more people join, alot of the past content gets over shadowed by the current, and rightfully so, but sometimes its nice to look back on past memories and really try and re live those experiences when we was newer players. So grab your finest brew, sit back, relax and enjoy!  

World of Warcraft:

This to me is one of the greatest ideas and such a large scale of an area to hold some of the most game changing experiences in my World Of Warcraft playtime to date. Blackrock holds home to some of the most memorable encounters and incredible game development. For new players and people who were not too fond of dungeons per say, This location has been dramatically changed in terms of difficulty and ease of access. With the introduction to Looking For Dungeon, with a click of a button and depending your wait time you will be transported to this location and have quests to guide you through as well as Dungeon maps and can easily get through this in a decent amount of time and not to mention, heirlooms making everything that tad easier.

However, for seasonal players many will either hate this place or love it just like myself. This was the real turning point for me with my gaming Experience. First of all, Black Rock Depths (BRD) Looking for players to run through this place in trade chat was hard enough! But to finally get a team to delve into the depths of this dwarven mountain, each player knew they had 3 to 5 hours worth of challenges to tackle and overcome. With no real clear route to take, with tasks to complete to open gateways, huge dwarven doors and such, this really turned new Players to Veterans. With most people entering with Green/blue gear, backpacks full of potions and back up gear they did not need to repair, the night was set to defeat the mountain. You heard rumors of this place, but nothing beats that feeling as a new player stepping in to this incredible Dungeon knowing this was the first stepping stone to the legendary Molten Core (MC)

The Burning crusade:

The home to the not so holy, This was originally a sanctuary for the fallen heroes within the Draenei community. Now home to a number of factions this zone is housing four instances, three of which I will always hold dear to my heart. The first instance you enter will be the Mana Tombs, The Ethereals are seeking to gain more power to use against creatures within the twisting nether, however this is now over run by corrupt beings and a leading figure, Prince Shaffar (sounds like something out of a Jeff Dunham show). The second instance Auchenai Crypts. These are the demonic minions giving this whole play a bad name. Workers, of the burning legion resurrecting the fallen to fight for them, and nothing in their mind will stop them in doing so. Here you will find a number of undead creatures being used as tools to fend off others during their rebirth.

The final instance I dipped my paws in too a fair bit back in the day chasing down that noble (at the time) druid only mount, was Sethekk Halls. Another tomb like structure homing the bird like humans, Arakkoa. Here they are practicing their dark magics, perfecting there evil spells to gain a larger understanding of the world as they believe to be the true colony of the Arakkoa. These dungeons as a whole gace a new diverse change to Burning crusade. You had to CC every group of mobs, avoid traps, charming totems etc, it was hard! Plus I will always remember farming every day for the Sonic Spear on my hunter. Oh the day when we could steal everyone's melee weapons. :D

Wrath Of The Lich King: 

Culling Of Strathholme - The final 5 man instance within expansion within this bracket that I experienced before getting level 80, what a way to end the bracket. Here we learn of how Arthas, The lich king became so torn and twisted. It all started with the Culling. He was lead by a evil force that was pushing him beyond his limits and made him believe the best way to cleanse a city, was to eradicate it. Disobeying the orders from Uther to investigate more, he destroyed every living being that stood in his way. During your time here you will be guiding him through the city streets, inns and secret passage ways to kill the demon Mal'Ganis who he believed to be the one behind the tampered grain that was turning people to scourge.  His hatred for this demon was what forced him to hunt for Frostmourne and eventually turn Arthas, A once noble paladin, too the lich king.

To me, On a personal level was one of the most well made instances of this expansion. There was no one route to take, first you had to kill specific creatures and random locations within the city, then fight your way through inns to then rush through armies of scourge. I first entered here on my Restoration Shaman back in the day and was nervous as hell to heal it as this was the place I had my trial for my raiding guild, Echo of ages back on the Al Akir server that then led on to being in one of the top guilds EU. Fond memories indeed, I wish they made more instances like this!


So Deathwing has arisen, The aspects in complete chaos and thrall has taken up his Shamanism heritage full time and left Garrosh in charge of the mighty horde.. A decision that would cost many lives including Thralls closest Tauren friend Carine Bloodhoof. With so much geographical changes to Azeroth, It was up to us to put an end to the madness and destruction that Deathwing and the Twilight Cult brought to our world. Cataclysm did not really bring many dungeons in this bracket but its okay! They were pretty decent but not blizzards best work. However, Blackrock Caverns was by far my most memorable. 

The carved labyrinth that was built by Deathwings Bros The twilight cult and a ton of demonic creatures. It also homes the technology made by the twilight cult to teleport the elementals from Mount Hyjal to the cavern to harness their powers. At the center of this cavern is a forge that is used for crazy experiments transforming cultists in to twilight dragons. Their ideas to forge their own destiny really does go to the utter end of madness here and I loved it! I remember this being the first instance I saw and I was so excited I ran it 12 more times!

Mists Of Pandaria:

Ahh! Pandaria, we're finally at our most current content in this diverse game and what a way to end this post with the very first dungeon I experienced on the midnight release of MOP. Temple of the Jade Serpent, The temple was created to home the history and collections of the new race Pandaren. It's guarded and protected by one of the Celestials Yu'lon. Until the arrival the Horde and Alliance crashing down on this beautiful land shrouded in mists, Yu'lon never really dabbled with other races and was always concerned about the protection of the islands History. With the sha now oozing from their very land, blood being spilt and hues of blues and reds fighting almost every moment, it was up to use to help replenish the damage done to the temple, Stop the sha and continue to explore this land. I loved this dungeon, The encounters were different and this for me really set a good tone for the expansion. 

That concludes my favorite dungeons of each expansion, I would love to hear from you guys as well.. Have your say in the comments below! 

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