Sunday, 7 July 2013

GM Island; One of the greatest WoW Myths?

There is nothing like a classic Myth, One of the most spoke about Myths I always thought about from my very early days of World Of Warcraft was the Mysterious GM Island. A place off the coast of Teldrassil that was said to host a retreat for GM's to talk to players, even port players who have committed serious violations within the game and even sent in to a secret location under the island that was said to be pure white walls and a white chair in the center of the room where players would be questioned. Looking through extremely old posts on WoWhead and WoWwiki there was a huge amount of speculation on how to get there.

Some players sort out methods beyond the scopes of others just so they could claim to have seen this myth. people claiming to speak to GM's to be ported there, Bypassing the games geographic mechanics by water walking abilities to avoid the games usual fatigue mechanic we see today. Jumping up a wall like texture that then sent your Character swimming mid air to reach the Island, Even flying on Flight Paths around the area and purposely disconnecting mid flight so that their character would fall to their much distasteful death and could appear at the GM Island graveyard.

What I love about this Myth though is its complexity and desire to look for it. Back when I first started playing, my friends spoke of such a place they had claimed to see this Island. In school they would gloat about seeing it, that they have been in this white padded room and seen this very same, white chair. But when you think about it, GM's have to be somewhere in game to whisper you, so are they really hiding there? who knows. The Speculations of this Place still remains to be seen. However, bypassing game mechanics and exploiting faults this will result in a ban so I urge you not to try and look for it, but with the amount of stories around the Web you can't help but wonder, Is this old WoW legend really tue? I guess the classic stories like this will forever remain secret, But nothing beats a good old Myth, and keep that classic WoW feeling we all miss, Alive.

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