Friday, 5 July 2013

Stats weighs for my current build (Critical strike)

Most of the time us monks have never had a clear path to follow in terms of the "correct" secondary stat to go for. What the clever dev team back at the blizzard HQ have done is create a class that has two different ways to manage incoming damage and how to avoid a majority of it. The first one I will speak about is arguably the most used in 10 man raiding and generally across the monk community, Critical strike.

The way critical strike works is extremely basic for those who understand its effects. With Brewmasters it increases our Vengeance uptime, better self healing and increases our rate of Elusive Brew stacks which in turn enables us to Mitigate damage due to the 30% to dodge when Elusive Brew is active. 10 stacks of Elusive = 10 seconds of 30% more dodge.

It also affects our dps output dramatically. In 25 man you will see a alot more monks rolling with Mastery as the main stat due to the harder hitting bosses, but in 10 mans, were dps recruitments are less forgiving, the Crit build aids the raid with that extra dps. More dps = faster boss kills, Simple.

My current stats
Stat Prio: Hit and expertise is our major dps and mitigation stat as we heavily rely on Chi for defensive abilities like Purifying brew, Blackout kick (to apply Shuffle) and Guard. A missed Keg smash or Blackout kick could seriously hinder your chance to survive a string of attacks so go for the Hit cap (7.50% - 2,500) and the Expertise hard cap (15% - 5,100) I then find my "safe zone" in terms of haste. There is not right or wrong answer here, go with what you feel comfortable with. I tend to go for around 6k haste as it gives me faster Chi regeneration which then in turn gives me more Shuffle up time.

The importance of keeping Shuffle up 100% of the time can't be stressed enough, Imagine a Paladin going in to tank a boss without a shield.. You just don't do it! KEEP SHUFFLE UP! that being said, I can keep 100% up time with 4k haste, 5k haste and even 7k haste, just find your "safe zone" and all is well. Then enchant and gem the rest into critical strike.

Reforging is simple also: If the Item does not have any Crit, Get some. If you have a ton of mastery on an item, give it some crit. If you have an item with a ton of crit to boot, keep it looking pretty. Just keep this in mind.. I want crit, give me all the crit.

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