Sunday, 18 August 2013

Small Update

Just a quick update for my readers, I have not been frequently posting the past few days, due to getting 12/13 Heroic in two nights, with a Lei Shen heroic one shot to add to the mix, I took a few days off to sort out my set up, move my room around and spent the last couple of nights down the Pub. I also have a incredible post for you soon, with an interview with one of the monk communities most loved Brewmasters. More on that soon! 

I had a little move around and decided to stop duel screening off my System. As much as I loved it and how convenient it was, there was no doubt my Pc was starting to struggle. So a few days ago, I bought some upgrades, new graphics card, SSD some cable protectors and decided to go back to a single Screen. I also polished up my Laptop and now will be using this to post, watch streams and such.  

Also, to add to the update, I finished reading Shadows Of The Horde. In my opinion its a really good book, and has some interesting moments, especially when you find out Vol'jin has an unlikely partner throughout his time/recovery in Pandaria. I will say though, out of the books I have read, Rise Of The Lich King is still the best one in my opinion.

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